These recent testimonials reflect what it feels like to have a healthy, safe, and loving connection with me from the client’s perspective.

As you will see, my relationships with clients tend to be long-term and are often vital to lifelong transformative support.

Susanne, as I was reflecting on the past 7 years I have been seeing you for our sessions, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your special professional and personal skills and techniques that you share with me each time we meet. Thank you for your empathic listening and knowing where I am emotionally and spiritually; then together planning the path of my present session. Our teamwork is unique and so special. Thank you for continually encouraging and supporting me during our energy healing and spiritual work. Since we began working together I have “healed” so many past wounds, continue to open up my heart more and more and have grown immensely spiritually and I THANK YOU!

C.A., 70 Male, Retired School District Area Director

Susanne Flynn is a very gifted energy healer and coach. The impact that she has had (and continues to have) on my life is immeasurable and priceless. I had a lifetime of blocked emotions and dense energy that quickly surfaced, drawing my attention to seek her assistance. My time with Susanne was/is filled with love, compassion, guidance and pure light. She represents a safe space allowing healing to take place. With her assistance, I learned how to release blocked energy and grew to trust myself to become my authentic self. She is a master at energy healing and continues to grow and educate herself in this area. Susanne is not afraid to think outside the box to assist her clients. Her guidance and coaching is very client specific.  She has a way of just knowing how to help in the most profound ways. My appreciation for Susanne and her expertise is immense. I am not able to express my gratitude enough. Today, I live a totally transformed life and I owe it all to Susanne. She is simply the best!

K.Y., 50 Female, Certified Health Coach

Susanne is an intuitive healer fluent in different modalities. I really like this because she’s able to adapt to whatever I need at each session. She’s taught me about my own divine source energy and how I can tap into it. This has impacted most areas of my life especially my self love. I highly recommend Susanne for anyone looking for loving, effective guidance.

K.E., 56 Female, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor

So what I remember the most from my work with you over the years are the immediately integrated changes that resulted from the soul retrieval work and heart centered hypnotherapy work where I was guided to show up for the wounded parts of myself and heal myself. This informed the way that I treat myself from then forward. I feel so fortunate to have worked with you because I feel that I was able to actually find my way out of patterns that were set in motion through trauma and illness specifically because you taught me how to not identify with things that were smaller than my true Self. You also guided me to my meditation practice which has grown and evolved since then and has been a transformative power in my life ever since. I feel that working with you gave me the support that I needed and didn’t have from anywhere else in my life and set me on the track to being incredibly self resilient and able to fully step into the truth of my (and everyone’s) innate wholeness.

L.H., 40 Female, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Instructor

I have been working with Susanne for something like five or six years now. We started with therapy sessions and healing energy work in person and have evolved into a wonderful and healing connection of our own design.

When I look back over those first few years I know that Susanne‘s thoughtful and loving counsel helped me in such big ways, that I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I am grounded, confident, secure, happy, joyful, blissfully creative. But back then I was very tangled in my thoughts due to dysfunctional relationships and past traumas. Susanne always knew exactly how to help me untangle. Over the years things have morphed and changed in amazing ways, for many reasons, some of them being my transitions in my life and work, physical locations (At one point we were in different time zones for a few years) and then the pandemic. But we have always found a way to continue on this healing path together, even if it’s only over the phone. In fact, I feel her healing energy equally over the phone as in person. In closing, what I love the most about Susanne is her openness to adapting her healing energies to each individual and circumstance. She has always challenged herself also, to grow and listen and channel, and it is so beautifully apparent in how I feel after sessions with her.

Most recently her energy work has been so powerfully healing, I have felt little miraculous things happen for weeks after. All I can say is I know our connection is blessed with divine energy and I look forward to continuing to work with her ongoing in my life. She is a true blessing.

L.J. 53 Female, Master Artist

Over the years, Susanne and I have established a powerful, magical connection. She has been one of my go-to people. No matter what’s going on, time spent with her whether in person or virtually- always addresses what I wanted and often illuminates what I didn’t know I needed.

As time has changed, so has her practice. She has taken her guided healing approach to therapy and evolved into a guided healer and life coach. Blending three decades of experience into her unique offerings, Susanne not only provides healing guidance during sessions, but also teaches effective techniques for daily wellbeing maintenance.

I am grateful for Susanne’s commitment to her own personal and spiritual growth and the innovative ways her gifts have supported my growth over time. I am now excited to be pursuing a career in the healing field myself.

B.J., 48 Female; Massage Therapist

I have been a client of Susanne’s for 3 years or so now. I found out about her from a friend who had a big shift while working with her. I was impressed with the shift I saw in her and began to work with Susanne myself. Firstly, she is the only therapist I have ever opened up to because she is wiser than any other I have worked with. Secondly, you leave a session feeling like you have had a 3 hour massage. You walk out on a cloud of air without a care in the world. She imbeds many modalities into her energy work like EMDR, acupressure and tapping. She gets your energetic system cleared out and filled up with Source energy. Over the years I have become a much stronger and happier person with her help.  I recommended her to a couple of friends and they love her as much as I. One called her an angel with invisible wings.

A.O., 56 Female, Nurse Practitioner

Susanne is more than a therapist. At our house, we lovingly refer to her as our “fairy doctor.” Her energy sparkles with an embodied love, which shines from her eyes & is felt in her presence. She’s also consistent. For the 5 years I’ve been seeing her she’s never once been “off” & it’s very clear she has a daily practice that works for her. I started working with Susanne while my mom was passing from cancer. Through one of the most challenging chapters of my life her art of listening and asking just the right questions at the right times has helped unwind some of the most hampering beliefs and opened me up to trusting myself and my ability to create the beautiful world my heart knows is possible. As much as the talking helps, her table work is where the practice really comes alive. A life spent mastering different modalities has given Susanne a unique and effective ability to help identify, unwind & reprogram. The love she channels through is palpable. I’m not sure who I’d be if I hadn’t been referred to Susanne 5 years ago. Probably a less integrated & self-loving person than I am now. I recommend Susanne with my whole heart to anyone ready to heal.

M.N., 35 Male, Permaculture Influencer, Intentional Community Developer

Five years ago I suffered a life-changing event when I awoke from sleep to my wife’s cold body. We had been soul mates for over 25 years and were deeply in love although she had just recently started mental health treatment after years of anxiety. Still we were positive for the future. All of that changed overnight. While her death certificate stated cause of death was myocardial infarction (heart attack), she left me with a beautiful yet haunting love note only to increase my doubt, depression, despair. I was on a dangerous downward spiral. Family and friends were very concerned and encouraged me to start some type of treatment. I had never had any type of counseling. Finally, a friend of a friend introduced me to Susanne Flynn. Susanne radiates warmth, caring, and sincerity in a peaceful calm manner. Susanne is a great listener but provides ideas and suggestions. Susanne includes others as needed. She has extensive experience in energy healing. I have been working with Susanne for over four years.

Susanne Flynn saved my life. Then, when I didn’t believe it was possible, she helped me to create a new one I am happy to be living!

C.L., 70 Male, Retired CIO

After having a therapist for over 15 years, in another state, I was skeptical about ever finding someone even close. Eight months ago I took the journey up to her mountaintop home where her “cabin in the trees” provided the backdrop for the healing to begin. I was immediately at ease with our talk therapy sessions. Susanne is caring and compassionate and has a keen way of listening and observing. Our powerful energy sessions together cannot easily be described. Even as an avid yoga practitioner, I cannot recall another time when I was more aware and at ease, deep inside my own body. I felt light as a feather, almost floating with each session. I know these sessions aid me in taking control of my own body and mind. I had the tools, but Susanne helps to dig deep and let the negativity and self-judgment dissipate into the nearby clouds in the mountains. I’m left with gratitude and empowerment. Can’t wait till our next session.

R.S., 65 Female, Yoga Therapist

After losing several close family members my whole world was turned upside down. A few months ago, one of my dearest friends who also sees Susanne gifted me a two hour session of my very own. At first I was hesitant because I had never experienced counseling, therapy, or any type of energy healing except small doses of reiki. From session one I felt so comfortable and safe, like I’d known Susanne for years. She is so easy to talk to, is an incredible listener, pays attention to detail and recollects points I spoke of months ago. The energy treatments she offers is truly a one of a kind experience that incorporates all we talk about and creates necessary shifts and releases. Each and every session is unique and most importantly- so healing. In the beginning of my journey with Susanne I had endless anxiety, sleepless nights, non-stop crying and enormous grief. She has truly helped alleviate most all of my symptoms and guides our work in ways that allow me to feel increasingly stronger, more centered and
self-aware. To top off every experience, both the indoor and outdoor space she provides is inviting, stunning and grounded in nature. I truly wish everyone had their very own Susanne!!

C.B., 40 Female, Corporate Business Executive

Susanne is gentle and honest, making her healing sessions a welcome and safe space. I came to her when I was processing a stressful family relationship and have continued to see her through a physical health struggle. I love her indoor and her outdoor session spaces equally. Her approach to health and internal balance is specific and real. Her sessions feel very natural and she asks the right questions to make sure I feel comfortable in all aspects. Her ability to heal energy, with nothing from me other than willingness to participate, is so special and I highly recommend her to anyone.

B.D. 35 Female, Photographer

Susanne is instrumental in supporting me to release, heal and feel whole from deeply seeded trauma to parenting challenges to modern stress. First by helping me recognize it, then unpack it and then physically, emotionally and mentally release what is holding me back. I find the 2-hour sessions of part talking and part energy work to be the most effective and efficient way to therapeutically heal (versus the 50-minute talk-only sessions). Susanne’s empathy and competence allows space for me to thoroughly get to the “other side” feeling freer, lighter and whole. Old patterns or worries that would take up a lot of mental and emotional energy for years are not present anymore. This freedom is priceless. I highly recommend Susanne to be on your Board of Wellness Directors.

B.W., 35 Female, Clinical Rehabilitation Massage Therapist

Susanne literally transformed my life. Self-doubt was out and self-love was in. Living a life that was hurting me stopped, and a new life of calm, positivity, and adventure began. The challenges of my new life are met with confidence, knowing that I have the skills I need to stay focused and unafraid, and that Susanne will be there to guide me through them. Anyone willing to trust and work with Susanne will feel better.

J.D., 44 Male, Investor & Venture Capitalist

When I first walked up the steps to Susanne’s downtown Asheville healing space I did not know what to expect. Now, almost 6 years later and 650 miles apart I know I will never want to be without the connection we have.

With her coaching and guidance I have grown lighter and happier. I have learned how to manage difficult situations with love for myself and for others.
During our remote sessions it’s as if there is no distance between us. And I know with each session I will continue to feel better because together we continue to uncover nuggets of truth that open new healing pathways for me.

J.W., 70 Female, Physician Assistant

Susanne is a gifted healer. She continues to weave her therapy skills into sessions, now practicing more energy healing and life coaching. I first worked very effectively with Susanne 6 years ago. Returning from abroad as the pandemic unfolded, I was already thinking that I needed support and encouragement around several life concerns, so I started to work with her again. She has provided tremendous help through the last year, providing new and welcome ways for me to gather and increase positive energy levels, while dissipating negative energies. She’s also coached me in how to use simple and effective techniques to break some habitual patterns of thought that don’t serve me well. Her direct energy healing skills have also been beneficial, always boosting my sense of well-being, whether in person or working virtually.

L.W., 65 Female, Retired PhD, Professor

“It changed my life.”  Don’t all testimonials begin that way? Where is this magic potion or special technique that will whisk away all of my problems so I can have a better life?

I was stubborn, full of rage and grief and certainly not interested in therapy or “spiritual talk” when I met Susanne. She was patient, kind, caring and skilled so, in spite of myself, we connected right away. Susanne guided me through my past trauma while teaching me how to be alive and present in the life I have.

I learned about my own sacred and powerful energies; and how to pull outrageous loving for others and myself out of my own back pocket!

She is a gifted teacher and healer. I trust and feel safe with her. Susanne works hard to maintain our connection which means I always feel her presence and guiding energy. Maybe she’s a magical potion after all. I am so immeasurably grateful for her healing talents and guidance.

J.M., 56 Female, Tradeswoman

My work with Susanne has spanned almost seven years. In 2014, I sought her out during a difficult time in my life when I was looking for a way to “fix the situation.” From the beginning of our time together, I felt loving support and acceptance from Susanne, which cultivated a level of sustained trust I had not experienced with other practitioners.

 I received invaluable counseling that didn’t pathologize what I had labeled as my dysfunctions. Counseling was always complemented by the creation of space to let go of my internal narratives about shame, guilt, and anger.  This release was actualized through various modalities of body and energy work, bringing me to a lighter and more peaceful state of being.

From my time with Susanne, I’ve unearthed a fuller and more meaningful love of myself and my existence as a human being. A love that is always present and which I am now able to embrace.

S.W., 43 Female, M.D

The Blue Ridge Parkway is the pathway to Susanne’s welcoming healing retreat at the top of the mountain. This approach allows time to fall into a reflective quiet.

One day, I knew that there was breathtaking beauty, but all I could see was deep colorless fog and dull grey trees, aware I was unable to access joy in the beauty of the mountains.  Coming out of my time spent with Susanne, the journey home shifted. I felt my heart open up, feelings begin to flow, some bittersweet with tears and joy and hope. Now able to breath in the beauty of the mountains, the dreary grey was now tinted with pinks, greens and blues and the longed-for opening to my heart deeply welcome.

P.B., 70 Female, Master Artist

Susanne Flynn is a master of her craft. You may think her craft is “therapy,” but it goes far beyond that. She’s taken the best healing techniques from multiple ancient traditions and woven them together to create her own unique high-vibrational healing methodology. Yes, there is talking and mental processing, or what I call “thought working.” But if you’ve ever seen a traditional talk therapist and still felt heavy, stuck, or just not as “whole” as you’d like to feel, Susanne is not that. What Susanne has discovered over her long & impressive career is that traditional talk therapy can only go so far… because heavy energy, limiting beliefs, trauma or other dense blockages can’t always be moved through talk alone. Mental processing simply isn’t designed to do that. That’s why Susanne’s approach is a two-parter: she first uses talk to identify where or what the energy blocks are… and then the magic begins. Using her masterful blend of guided meditation, Reiki, energy medicine, and a dozen other schools of healing, she’ll guide you to release & heal all the stuck, heavy energies holding you back. Though fullness, lightness, oneness and wholeness is always the goal… every session is different, because it’s customized to you & your needs in that moment. The first time I got off her table, I felt like I was literally floating off the ground and like I’d grown 3 feet, because I felt so much lighter. What’s more, your healing session doesn’t “end” when you leave her office. She’ll send you out with custom “practices” — techniques like breath work, qi gong movements, acupressure points, EFT or vocal sounding — targeted to whatever energy block you’re working through. That way, you can learn to self-heal between sessions and keep feeling better and better. Beyond my deep love & relationship with Susanne, that’s the “real gold” she’s given me: a repertoire of physical & energetic techniques that I can use to self-heal… which she’s also helped me turn into a robust morning ritual that I use to start every day feeling full, light and super-charged. This has absolutely changed my life and allows me to do the work I am here to do, at the level I need to perform at. Because of my work with Susanne, I feel more grounded & connected, more self-aware, more open, and more confident in the world, knowing that I can move through or heal just about anything. Beyond all that… Susanne is simply a spark of joy who uplifts my soul like a dandelion puff floating on the summer air. I feel lighter as soon as I enter her presence. She sees me. And with her, I don’t have to pretend. She is one of the few people who is a constant source of ease, compassion, and love in my life.

If you know yourself to be a self-aware, high performance human, but you need help getting unstuck, releasing limiting beliefs, moving pockets of dense energy (aka trauma), or just want a dose of magic to get you soaring — treat yourself. Oh — and until you’ve received Susanne’s healing work on The Overlook — a truly epic view-scape of the Blue Ridge Mountains — you have not yet experienced the peak of luxurious self-care.

R.G., 34 Female, Copywriter, Artist

I have been working with Susanne off and on for almost 10 years now. Over the past decade, she has been a grounding force, an expansive energy and joyful spark – thread throughout my life. As a result of our work, I feel more in sync with my spirit’s blueprint and path and I have greater access to joy and beauty. I am better able to let go, leaving me lighter and with more awareness. Susanne is a trusted guide an engaged and present listener and communicator
with a tremendous capacity for compassion. She has a true gift and we are so lucky that she is sharing it with us!

S.R.G., 48 Female, Director of Operations

In 1990, I began a journey to move myself away from the insanity and mess of an exceedingly difficult time growing up. I was born in 1953 – the oldest of 4 children. We were Catholic and lived in a rough mill town filled with many first and second-generation immigrants. Many men were veterans of a world war. Children were to be seen and not heard. Many women of that time were domesticated, subdued, abused, and were brought up to be seen and not heard. Physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and witness to domestic abuse. Off the hook crazy stuff. Way more than I was capable of handling or being exposed to. This created BAD energy, and was a darkness that hounded me like a wild dog nipping at my heels. Sometimes I called it a dark shroud, or refer to it as the “shit shroud.” People in that world didn’t get help. They ignored the symptoms and passed on the disease. I like to say that I was the whole package, who got miss – wired and damaged in shipping and handling. My journey took me to a therapist in Asheville that a friend recommended. I started working with Susanne in 2006. By this time I had become a successful business owner. There were lots of positives – I had reconciled with my young adult son, and was trying to do the right things. Despite my best efforts and previous counseling, I could not escape that dark dog. Susanne felt that she could help and I believed her. Very early on I trusted her. Through the 15 years we have been together doing our work. We have faced many of my life’s challenges. I have faced cancer, divorce, selling a business, and most life challenges that happen if you’re here long enough. I have immersed in the stuff that I found interesting at the time. I have not lived on the sidelines. Through it all, Susanne and I have successfully met and subdued the dark dog and shredded the shit shroud! I am much freer to move about the cabin of life. I have continued our work together because early in our time I realized the importance and usefulness of a person – especially a Susanne, who became a specialist in ME—someone who knows me and KNOWS me. I love having the ability to call on someone who really knows me and is in my corner. She is qualified to assist me in the challenges of being a father, a grandfather, a lover, a partner, a good neighbor, etc. all while suffering from the “Human Condition” Now as I continue to navigate life – retirement, aging, the realization that at age 68 my gang and I are facing the final quarters of our lives, and all the humanness that goes with it, I am impressed by how Susanne has managed to grow in her practice. We have never become stale! I feel assured that Susanne is fully able to assist in many, many ways. Going forward having her helping me is a true comfort and a good plan.

K.J., 68 Male, Retired R.N., Entrepreneur