The Overlook

A unique cross between a luxury treehouse and a healing temple, the Overlook is a screened-in sanctuary available from late spring through autumn.

Nestled among the trees in the tranquil woods, nourish your soul with birdsong and the refreshing mountain breezes while basking in breathtaking panoramas of the Blue Ridge mountains.

The Studio

When you join me for healing during the winter & cooler months of spring, we’ll come together inside my home studio.

Virtual Space

“During our remote sessions it’s as if there is no distance between us.”​ – J.W.

When we come together online, we can work in a combination of ways to fit exactly what you need in the moment:

  • Talk only

  • Distance energy healing treatment

  • A self-healing energy practice, where I guide you through an abundant repertoire of different techniques you can easily perform on yourself to achieve FLOW